Innovo Technology Services was founded with a vision to simplify the landscape for a small to medium business to gain access to technology solutions and truly drive innovation in their own businesses. Innovo is the latin form for "innovation" and that is just what we do - we innovate in our own business, we innovate with our customers, and we innovate with our ability to deliver simple and effective solutions.  With more than 25 years' experience working with large and small companies, our reputation mirrors our abilities.  It's time to innovate.  Let's get started.

Innovation Starts with You

You know what direction you want your company to go.  Let us help you innovate to meet your goals.  We can show you what a delightful customer experience feels like.

Skilled & Experienced

You can rest easy knowing we have experience working with a broad range of technologies and solutions, both large and small.  No project is too small or challenge too great when it comes innovating for our customers.